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Top 5 Best Free Fax Android Apps

What is Meant by Faxing?

Faxing means the physical version of the email. You inject some stuff into the machine and it prints out at the machine somewhere else. The email has replaced fax now because it is a dying technology. However, still there are many uses of fax.

Some companies still require fax:  Many companies and government entities require things from you to fax from time to time. So, we can say that it is not outside the realm of possibility that you will need the one. These days now you can easily send faxes using android apps.

Here we have the 5 top best free fax android apps. So, if you are looking to send a fax for free then relax. In this article, we are going to discuss plenty of ways of free fax services that will assist in sending your cover sheet or other documents online and just in a few minutes.

Purpose of Fax Apps:

Did you remember what faxes are? They have scanned documents that are sent to another machine. These days fax apps are used by various businesses to send their legal documents, notes, and reports. Whenever you are dealing with binding contracts of financial documents then you will need to fax not message, email, or tweet.

In this way, free fax apps serve your needs.

Did the Digital Revolution Kill a Fax?

The digital revolution causes the fax to evolve and don’t kill it. Few people kept their fax machines after the emergence of email there needed to be a quick way to fax documents or any business papers electronically.

This leads to free online fax free apps that allow you to send a digital file to a physical fax machine or receive physical fax in an electronic format. Some of the free fax apps even allow you to convert emails to faxes.

Top 5 free Fax Apps:

There are a lot of free fax apps online and each comes up with its features, interfaces, and upgrades. Right here we are going to discuss those which don’t require any kind of monthly subscription plan. So, if you are in need to send a fax but don’t have a fax machine, these are the 5 free fax apps that you can use.

1) CocoFax

2) iFax

3) Fax. Plus

4) Faxburner

5) FaxFile

Let’s have a look at this one by one briefly.

1) CocoFax

When it comes to faxing solutions for android phones, CocoFax is one of the best free online fax apps. It is one of the feature-loaded fax services that one can easily find on the internet.

The benefits of CocoFax are unlimited. With CocoFax you can sync your faxes either on android phones and other devices by just using a single account.

Ways to Use CocoFax App :

When it comes to an android app:

-Fax through an online dashboard

-Fax through an email client

-Delivery reports and fax notification

-Choose your fax number using CocoFax app

You simply log in to your Cocofax account and then send and receive faxes using a personal dashboard. Moreover, Cocofax allows you to get fax solutions to let you fax right from your email client. For example, if you use the Gmail app on your smartphone, you can get your fax right just using Coco Fax.

As you see these features take you deep into the fax app world. Furthermore, they also help you to view all your faxes across all of your devices by simplifying signing into your Cocofax dashboard or your email account.

It also provides you notifications related to every fax that you send to any fax number. In this way, you will be able to figure out whether your fax is delivered or not. You can also explore more about fax requirements like time logs and the length of the transmission.

Moreover, when you receive a fax also get a notification in your email inbox. The notification also contains an attached printed file of the received fax.

2) iFax

iFax is considered as one of the best free fax apps for android which allows you to send faxes through the comfort of your Android phone. 

It also gives android solutions by the name of “iFax Scanner”. The primary function of the iFax app is to click pictures of the scanned documents and then fax it directly over the internet.

Features Offered by iFax:

iFax allows you to pay for each fax while also getting a monthly subscription if you are seriously a long term user. There is no option to send free faxes so in the end you will need to commit to iFax if you plan to use it.

There are also disappointing facts about iFax that lack a bit on providing user satisfaction. Therefore, the interface is a little lacking and unreliable which leads to several users that give it a bitter ranking.

While on the other hand, if you want an average fax service to fax from your android phone, iFax can provide you the best free fax services.

3) Fax.Plus

This kind of free fax service offers a free tier and most that give you a non replenishing number of pages you can fax easily without hesitation.

Fax.Plus Capacity to Receive Fax Pages:

So, this is the case with Fax Plus which lets you fax 10 pages at a time before the free period is just being replaced by a consecutive charge of about 20 cents per page. This trial of sorts does not allow you to receive fax documents online via a free fax app.

Budget Free Online Fax Service:

Fax. Plus is a budget-friendly free online fax service. It has a straightforward free plan as well as an annual rate subscription.

The web interface of Fax. Plus is modern and the mobile app also performs smoothly.

So, if you are looking for a cheap online fax service, Fax. Plus offers a wide range of features and also many benefits.

Free features:

  • Total of 10 pages at a time
  • Can send fax only
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Multiple recipients of fax
  • Electronic signature and $0.20 per additional page

How to Sign Up Using Fax. Plus?

When you find yourself that you have something that needs to be faxed, but Fax. Plus will do the trick for isolated occasions. Unfortunately, you don’t have to sign up or sign in to any email address just to take advantage of the free Fax. Plus service.

This, in turn, means that giving your name, password, and email address. If that goes fine, then they will ask you to verify your account with a phone number.

4) Faxburner

For android phones, Faxburner is considered to be a decent fax app. This app experience is good for people who want to fax once or twice. So, it works on giving you a disposable number associated with sending a fax.

Features of Faxburner:

Whenever you are looking to send a fax, you can easily create it through the app and send it to anyone you envy to send. This definitely will consume the fax credits of course and is easy to be chargeable by the respective application.

If you want to receive a fax, Faxburner gives you a disposable fax number which is only valid for the next 24 hours, and after that session expired. 

Not Suitable for Professionals:

But it is said that Faxburner is not suitable for businesses and professionals as they prefer their users to have a permanent fax number. So, they can easily share their professional channels.

But fax burner allows you to send only four fax pages per month. After this, it turns out to be a deal-breaker for many of its potential customers as in some cases charges of using Faxburner can be very high.

5) FaxFile

FaxFile is another amazing fax application for android users. It gives an option to send fax only. You will not be able to receive tax fax using the FaxFile app. Therefore, it is better to keep this thing in mind once you decide to use the FaxFile app.

Features and Drawbacks of Using FaxFile Android App:

When it turns to send faxes, it gives you the opportunity to send and receive faxes locally and also internationally. But the thing that you need to do for this is to download the FaxFile on your android phone, The one major drawback of using FaxFile is that you can’t send your faxes online or through email.

If you wish to use FaxFile properly, you need to purchase fax credits through Google Play. These credits are chargeable and you will be charged for every single fax that you send through FaxFile.

This free fax does not come up with any monthly subscription plan. Moreover, FaxFile also made it difficult and costly for you to use it on a longer run. Whenever you are about to send a fax internationally, that one fax will be counted as multiple faxes.

Wrapping Up:

You will also need a 30-day free trial to avail of any of the free Fax apps subscription plans.

No matter what option you take, you will quickly end up paying money out of the pocket. These are the top five free fax apps that you can use to scan documents. It all depends on you which free fax app you choose.

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