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Buying Guided – How to choose a Monitor for Gaming?

Are you looking to buy a gaming monitor for esports games but you don’t know where you need to start? You can spend all day and night researching what one needs to look at in a gaming monitor before you buy it. No doubt that you will end up about a hundred conflicting arguments on what brands or features are best.

Selecting a Gaming Monitor:

Choosing the right monitor for gaming can be a daunting task and challenging one also for many users as there are a lot of options available. To take advantage of the latest video games, you will need not only a gaming PC with good graphics but also a good gaming monitor.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about gaming monitors.

TN or IPS-Panel Type:

IPS panels give you a better viewing experience while on the other hand, TN panels prioritize budget and speed. You can say both are neither good nor bad for gaming as they have their pros and cons.

But the fact is that your response time will generally correspond with the display type of your monitor panel.

Response time of good Gaming Monitor:

It is suggested that good response time for a gaming monitor is at least 5ms, but most of the TN panel types offer about 1-2 ms response time which is good in competitive gaming.

Pros of TN Panels:

●     Provides cheap support for higher refresh rates

●     Cheaper wholesome and lower latency than IPS

Cons of TN Panels:

     Narrow angles of viewing

●     Worse reproduction of colors

Pros of IPS Panels:

●     Great reproduction of colors

●     Better viewing of angles

Cons of TN Panels:

     Relatively expensive

     Higher latency

Moreover, one of the most important features that you need to take care of is the refresh rate. Even though we are talking about in milliseconds, it makes a huge difference.

The Refresh Rate of Monitor Screen:

The refresh rate of the monitor screen is the number of times a monitor refreshes an image on the screen. In other words, a higher refreshing rate means a smoother image. This will make your game look attractive and feel more responsive, but if it is the competitive edge you are looking for it will go down according to the human reactions.

Different monitors have different refresh rates:

Most of the gaming monitors nowadays support either 60hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, or 240 Hz refresh rate. Although these numbers seem to be higher it slightly comes down when you think of how fast the human eye processes the image that is being displayed.

Some people feel that it is hard to invest in higher refresh rates while others can’t see the difference. If you have got the opportunity, check out this feature personally before you invest money on it.

Pay Attention to the Resolution of the Monitor:

Gaming monitors are available in the market in a variety of flares, sizes, and even many more price tags. So, the subject matter here is to choose the best monitor for gaming.

So the resolution of the gaming monitors today have the following ranges:

●     1080 full HD

●     1440 QHD/2K

●     2160 UHD/4K

Therefore, higher resolutions bring higher pixel count which in turn means better visual detail and higher clarity of the image. The biggest obstacles that most of the gamers have to face is their hardware limitations. QHD is slowly becoming the new standard because of them being able to support a stable 30 FPS. On the other hand, UHD is solely a different story as only the most potent modern GPS, will be able to push about 30 FPS and will eventually reach 60.

Consider adaptive Sync:

You also need to consider either Freesync or G-SYNC if you want no screen tearing while playing games. It is noticed that a lot of newer gaming monitors include either of these two, so one should keep an eye out for it.

AMD free sync does not add any special cost to the basic value of a gaming monitor. It is compatible only with the graphic cards of AMD. Similarly, NVIDIA G-SYNC adds a premium which typically costs about $100-$150 and thus works best with only NVIDIA cards.

If you have either of these technologies enabled can get rid of screen tearing at the cost of no performance.

The screen size of the Gaming Monitor:

Selecting a screen size of the gaming monitor isn’t that big deal with monitors since you will be able to view them closely and there will be only minor differences.

It’s better to choose a gaming monitor 21 inches and 27 inches since these present a perfect balance of visual clarity and also bring the comfort of viewing.

Hence, which size of the monitor screen you choose is entirely dependent on you. Thus, if you are going with a 1080p monitor, it is best not to go larger than 24 inches. So, lower pixel density leads to poor display experience.

How much do I need to spend?

If you are a new gaming user, then you might find some of the features that improve your overall gaming experience and also bring about a decrease in numbers of your bank account.

Yes, some good quality monitors can indeed cost you about $10,000, but you can surely get a good quality monitor at a one-tenth price.

It all depends on you what you want and what is your total budget. If you put more focus on FPS rather than beautiful display, then your priorities will change, you may differ than someone who just wants their games to look beautiful.

Features for the right Gaming Monitor:

The choice of right gaming monitor depends on you whether you want smooth gameplay or just a pretty one.

If you want smoothness while playing your favorite video game, then this should be your priority list:

●     Refresh rate: Not less than 120 Hz

●     Response time: Not more than 3ms

●     Freesync or G-sync: Will be very helpful definitely

●     Deep color gamut and HDR: Should be kept optional and not always supported widely

●     IPS- This is also optional and is expensive as compared to others

Unless you just want prettiness in your gaming monitor, then things listed below should be your priority list.

●     IPS:  Viewing angles give you immersive gaming experience and better reproduction of colors

●     Deep color gamut and HDR: Relatively expensive and somehow rare but awesome to use

●     4K: It will give you amazing clarity

●     Response time: Not more than 5 ms and as you just want a good gaming venture so smoothness is not your priority

●     Free sync or G-sync: It is also optional but still it is nice to have.

Flat vs Curved Gaming Monitors:

Curved monitors can be more popular these days because of their curves, though many of us considered them to be a fad.

Whether you go for a flat or curved gaming monitor, it is completely dependent on you. However, the curvatures of these monitors range from 1000R( very steep) to 3800R(very subtle).

Modern Gaming Monitors:

In general, modern gaming monitors should have the following inputs and outputs.

Display port: The best choice for a display port should be around 1.4 to transfer audio or video on your PC.

HDMI: Not able to support refresh rates as high in higher resolutions as a display port but just as suitable for mid-range solutions. So HDMI 1.4/2.0 can transfer both audio and videos.

Audio Out:

It is designed as a more convenient means of connecting headphones or speakers directly connected with the gaming monitor instead of attaching to the case’s front panel or your motherboard back panel.

Other things that need to be considered:

Apart from these, a monitor should also have a 3.5 audio input and one or several USB parts of the change in types. There are also many types of connectors available that a monitor should include but the above listed are the most important.

Video and audio compatibility should not be an issue since most of the graphic cards come with at least one or more multiple DisplayPort or HDMI ports and they can now easily transfer sound.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is whether there are any USB devices that you intend on plugging directly into the monitor and plan how much you are going to spend while purchasing your monitor.

Wrapping Up:

After having a look at this guide, you will surely come to know what one needs to take care of while buying the right gaming monitor. As we know that this is not an important part of our system but this is the component on which you will be looking most of the time.

Selecting the right monitor for you means you are pushing your games to look as good as possible. All of the above-mentioned points such as panel type, resolution, and screen size need to be taken care of when you go to buy a new gaming monitor for you.

It’s all your choice which one you choose. But we highly recommend checking out the buying guide of gaming monitors before you buy.

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