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How to Find Hidden Apps on Android Phones?

Whether you are worried or want to find out what is draining your battery, checking hidden apps in your android phone is a good idea. So, the process to find the most hidden apps on an Android smartphone is not hard. Sometimes some apps are moved to clean up the home screen while other apps are kept hidden due to the subject matter.

Android phones have hidden partitions:

Just like any other operating system, Android phones come up with hidden partitions that are impossible for us to access accidentally. In this way, it is very difficult for us to know the correct sequence of actions. Moreover, multiple apps allow a user to create similar folders. For example, when it comes to hiding the content of specific folders from parents or matter is to reach the phone of a child.

The danger that comes with hidden apps:

You can also hide even apps but still, they will present in the system but will not appear in the settings of your device.  First of all, you need to check your device with the help of antivirus:

  • Since recently it consumes more battery or power than the normal routine.
  • You will also be aware of the fact that there are secret apps in the system which can’t be uninstalled.

You can use any free version by well-known manufacturers that are suitable for an ordinary virus check of android. For example, few options available are Avast Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, or Norton Security or Antivirus. An interesting fact is that you can also use them as hidden app detectors.

Why hide apps on Android Phones?

There can be plenty of reasons why you would prefer to hide apps on your smartphones.

  • Maybe there are some apps that you don’t ask your mother to have a look at when she needs to borrow your phone.
  • Another reason is that maybe you have some private documents that contain personal information.
  • Maybe your nephew asks for a phone and some apps are not child friendly.

Therefore, there are numerous reasons especially when it comes to hiding content on your android phones.

Guide to hiding apps on your Android Phones:

You can hide your apps on an android set using two methods listed below irrespective of which brand phone you have in use. The first tip is beneficial for hiding preinstalled apps. You don’t use them right and hide those as you envy to make sure that no one sees them except you.

On the other hand, the second process works for those present in your system. It is a little limited and it means preinstalled apps that can’t be uninstalled.  But for this, you need to do only a little work. This will not change the look and feel of your android phone.

Hide Apps with just a few tabs:

These days a lot of android launchers allow you to hide apps using a few tabs. The one method that is most recommended is by using Nova Launcher because it packs plenty of features and it’s quick. The one problem that you will face here is upgrading it to the Prime version of the app to complete that job. As you know that with the free version, you will not be able to hide the apps. So, if you are new to customization and want to have a stock like an experience, then you should go for paying a few bucks to get the app done.

Use Nova Launcher to hide your Android Apps:

Alright! So, you have installed Nova Launcher Prime from the Play store. The next step is to set this as the default launcher in your android phone. Once it is done, head into the app drawer and simply open the settings of Nova ap. Then move ahead into the drawer hide apps. Now all you need is to check the box next to the apps you envy to hide. That’s all.

Just relax and you can even use those apps when they are hidden. All that is required from you is to open the app drawer, type the name of the app in the search top up and launch it simply when you can see it.

Step by step guide to download Nova launcher:

1) Download Nova Launcher App from Google Play Store

2) Set this app as default launcher

3) Open the settings of Nova Launcher

4) Move straight to the App drawer and then go into the hide apps.

5) Now check the box next to the apps you want to hide

6) To use the app without any difficulty, type its name in the search box in the app drawer.

Keep this thing in mind that the capacity to hide apps is one of the amazing features offered by Nova Launcher.

Moreover, if you are in search of a free alternative to Nova Launcher Prime, then we would recommend you to go with Apex launcher. It is not a nova launcher but it gives you the freedom to hide apps without spending any money.

Hide apps by disabling them in settings:

Another trick is to hide apps from the app drawer simply by disabling them and you would not be able to use them in the future. But the problem is that this method works only with system apps. Those apps are preinstalled on your android phone and you can’t delete them.

So, you can’t disable an app that you have downloaded on the play store.

What do you need to do to disable apps?

If you want to disable an app, then go head into the settings of the device. Second thing is to select the “Apps and notifications” option and then tap see all apps. The third step is to find and open the app that you need to hide and then press “tap” followed by the “Disable app”. Remember that the exact path to these settings may slightly differ from these settings based on the version and model of your android phone.

Method to hide apps from Samsung, Huawei?

These days most of the phones have built-in features that allow you to hide apps that are for your eyes only. However, if you have an older device running an old version of android, then this feature may not be available. The feature to hide apps may be slightly different based on your handset and OS version.

Hiding apps on a Samsung phone is an easy task. Just open the app drawer and tap now in the top right corner.

Hide apps on your Huawei phone:

You can hide apps on Huawei and Honor phones by using a feature that is called private space. This exciting feature allows you to create a new space or account on your android phones with different apps and files. Thus, you can get access to it by unlocking your Huawei set with the fingerprint that you assigned to the new space you have now created.

How to set up a private space?

To start the thing, you need to do is to set up private space. Head straight into the settings and then security and privacy folder. It’s time to move into Private Space and now follow the instructions displayed on the screen. After setup, unlock your android phone with the fingerprint that you assigned during the setup time and download apps that you wish to hide. In this way, those apps will be shown only in a separate space and would not show up in your main account.

But keep in mind that you can’t transfer apps from one place to another. This means that to hide apps you first should remove them from your main account and download them to your private space. This whole process can be daunting and it will not take much of your time.

How to check if hidden apps are running on your device?

Smart way to check for hidden apps is simply by looking at the usage of your android phone’s memory. Manufacturers these days compare baseline memory RAM usage for their phones, so you can compare that number with the recent RAM usage.

Bottom line is that if you don’t have any third-party apps, then the difference should not be big. On the other hand, it will give you something to think about. Another useful trick that you can follow is to close your most-used apps and compare your RAM usage after that with the RAM usage while using the phone in Safe Mode. Safe Mode turns off all the unimportant system apps and third-party apps which would give you a beginner guide for RAM usage.


Hence it is important to think back that not all hidden apps are good. Some are just used as hidden communication apps. These days most of the hidden apps are used by teenagers so that people can’t track when they are online. People will not get to know who us at the receiving end. Think and hide your apps on android phone using these.

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