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Top 10 Best Paint Companies in Pakistan

Buying paint is not a tough job and you will realize it as soon as you enter the aisle of the store. Choosing the right paint is one of the most difficult tasks. No doubt from the past couple of years, the number of paint brands in Pakistan has seen a sharp uptick. Moreover, competition has increased and the fact is that there is a lot of confusion about various paint companies in Pakistan. In this article, we are going to discuss why it is important to choose a reputable paint brand.

A Comprehensive Guide to choosing the Best Paint Companies:

It is true that even if you have selected the most striking shade and compromised on paint quality then you are going to be disappointed. And keep this thing in mind that being the most expensive container does not mean better quality or higher. But now you don’t need to worry about which is going to be best. Here are the best paint companies in Pakistan and your next paint project is going to be more colorful and durable.

1) Brighto Paints

2) Akzo Nobel

3) Master Paints

4) Berger Paints

5) Asmar Paints

6) Diamond Paints

7) Nippon Paints

8) Sparco Paints

9) Gobis Paints

10) Honey Gold Paints

Now let’s have a look at this one by one.

1) Brighto Paints

Brighto Paints is a complete solution to give an aesthetic look to your interior. It also adds creative design palettes with rich texture. Brighto Paints is one of the top 10 paint brands in Pakistan and slashing colors in life since 1973. It has designed its products with global standards running in interiors. No doubt that Brighto Paints claim to be the first national brand in the country to bridge the gap between the international and Pakistan market.

Why Consider Brighto Paints?

The interesting fact about Brighto Paints is that it is one of the best interior paint companies. The main purpose of Brighto Paints is to satisfy their customers by meeting customer requirements and needs. This paint brand is older than 5 decades but its commitment is to keep on inventing new products. Moreover, stating their core values, Brighto Paints have said that our goal is total customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs. Below listed are a few reasons why Brighto Paints are regarded as one of the top paint companies in Pakistan.

-Reliable and domestic product designed according to the likings of people and weather conditions.

-Updated paint collection that will never go out of style.

-Chic, modern and classy range of products.

-Wide range of products with more than 1,050 shades.

How to Contact Brighto Paints?

You can call them at their customer care number that is 08000-1973 or you can go to their website. There is an amazing feature on the Brighto Paints website that enables you to select the color of your choice.

2) Akzo Nobel (ICI Paints)

Akzo Nobel is also a Pakistan-based Paint company. It specializes in the manufacturing and sale of paints and the trading of special chemicals. They have a passion for paint and experts in making and crafting paints and coatings. The company’s business includes performance coating, decorative paints, and specialty chemicals. Akzo Noble has set the standard in color and protection since 1972. Our world-class trusted brands consist of Dulux, International, Sikkens, and Interpon which is highly trusted by customers all over the globe. It is active in more than 150 countries. It has about 34,500 talented employees who have a knack for delivering high-performance products and services our potential customers expect.

How Akzo Noble operate?

For Akzo Noble, commitment is empowering people by reducing the impact on the planet and being consistent innovation through sustainable paints and coating solutions to our customers.

Our products include decorative paints and specialty chemicals. However, performance coatings comprise vehicle refinishes and also industrial coatings. You can contact Akzo Nobel using phone number + or visit their website. By the end of 2019, they were successful in generating sales per region of about 5,610 million.

Why does Akzo Nobel Paint Pakistan?

AkzoNobel is currently operating in more than 80 countries and has delivered leading products and technologies to about 50,000 people. It is one of the growing demands in this fast-changing world to bring innovation in the paint industry. Akzo Nobel carries with it the traditions and expertise of Pakistan’s oldest and successful companies like ICI Pakistan limited. It has its head office in Lahore, Pakistan, and various branches all over Pakistan.

AkzoNobel Pakistan paint family consists of about 250 talented people and many others associated indirectly and passionately to provide sustainable solutions to customers.

3) Master Paints

Master Paints are one of the leading companies in Pakistan in paint manufacturing. Master Paints were first established in 1976. Until now it is famous because of producing the best paints in Pakistan. Master Paints aim to bring modern paint technology to Pakistan. Master Paints have a very dynamic team of marketing and production personnel and are striving to be the best paint brand in Pakistan. No doubt consumers these days also admit that Master Paints have symbols of satisfaction and the right decision of their money.

The mission of Master Paints is to be recognized and respected as one of the premier quality manufacturing companies of Pakistan.

4) Berger Paints

The history of Berger Paints is as old as 1950 and it means that it comes into the market after the country itself. Moreover, foreign brands have also established their local manufacturing franchise in Karachi in 1955. Since that time Berger Paints have gained popularity because of their quality, reliability, and durability. This paint company has been involved in a constant process of innovation and has also evolved to be relevant in modern times. The only interesting thing is their process of providing quality products to their customers.

And we have seen a quote on their official website that is “Consistent quality has always been Berger’s trait”.

Why Consider or Go for Berger Paints?

Berger Paints have got a variety of high-quality products and they need to be given a luxurious and vibrant look for your home’s interior. Trust in Berger Paints and just one coat is sufficient to present a smooth and durable coverage to your surfaces. What more do you expect from Berger paints? Additionally, being the best paint company in Pakistan, it provides free consultation about how to choose the right colors for your room.

Listed below are characteristics of products related to Berger Paints.

-Produces products by collaborating with different companies.

-A global and trusted brand with potential customers all over the world

-Premium quality products with a huge range of choices to choose from.

Anyone can easily contact Berger Paints using this contact number 08000-2000 or can visit their official website.

5) Asmar Paints

Asmar Paints are a product of the Asmar group and have all attributes that declare them as one of the high-quality paint companies especially in Pakistan. This paint company offers products at very economical rates. This brand is not only an affordable option concerning quality but also it is undoubtedly an amazing choice to make an exquisite interior look for your home. Asmar paints is also ISO 9002 certified.

Why consider Asmar Paints?

It provides extensive coverage of about 12-18-meter square per liter. One can easily apply Asmar Paints with the help of a brush, roller, or spray gun. This paint does not need any additional products that can be used as thinner. Simply just using a fresh glass of water and Asmar paints would do the rest of the job for you. As other paint brands need about at least 4 to 5 coats and this needs only 3 coats to turn your house look interior into new. It only takes 3 hours to dry and listed below are some reasons why you should consider smart paint.

-The Asmar paints products are washable and also does not fade quickly

-It is UV resistant and also the weather.

-It is safe to deal with and has also no added lead. Moreover, it can be applied on the surface without hiring professionals.

-Paints products are durable, sustainable, and extremely environmentally friendly.

How to Contact Asmar Paints?

If you want to contact Asmar Paints, you can reach out by calling at this phone number 042-35402216-18 or visit their official website.

6) Diamond Paints

Diamond Paints is also an old brand and were established in about 1982. No doubt Diamond Paint Industries Pvt. Ltd is one of the most outstanding paint-selling brands in Pakistan. They focus on addressing every minor detail for your home’s interior. The main aim of diamond paints is to ensure customer satisfaction and execute its products according to the global standards of manufacturing with a particular focus on local consumption needs.

The paint company has also shown their interest in social work and keeps it pronounced among the public by including it in their core values and commitment to customers. The amazing fact about diamond paints is that it contributes a large fraction of its profit to social welfare.

Why Consider Diamond Paints?

It comes at the top being the most premium and best interior decor paint that is not less than a surprise for you. In general, Diamond Paints also provide additional support and envisions better welfare by incorporating social services as their core values. Therefore, if you are a philanthropist and aim to make the best out of your investments, then you can simply do it by upgrading your home.

Diamond Paints are the best choice to make your home look elegant and bloomy. While ensuring customer satisfaction, the brand is making ultimate efforts and taking practical steps to make the world a better place to live. Diamond Paints say that we contribute a significant amount of our earnings to help people living in underprivileged areas especially in the health and education sectors.

How to Contact Diamond Paints?

One can easily contact diamond paints by using the customer’s phone number that is 042-111-265677 or you can visit the diamond Paints official website.

7) Gobis Paints

It is a product of allied paint industries named Gobis Paints. This brand is as old as 1981 and is a vertically integrated paint and coating company. No doubt Gobis paints are among the best and premium paint brands in Pakistan and it is clear what they have written in their mission statement. Gobis paint industries aim to become one of the leading coating companies in the region for which the company is working day and night after its clout at both national and international levels.

Why Choose Gobis Paints?

Gobis Paints are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and researches to bring innovation whether its home decor or the interior designing industry. The brand also aims to introduce eco-friendly products.

Gobis Paints in two things: the first is bringing innovation and the second thing is delivering cost-efficient products to meet the needs of consumers and the interior design market. Owing to bringing innovation in the paint market and creativity aspect, gobis paints come up with four categories in terms of robustness, application properties, and sustainability.

-Special paint products for the coating of the surface.

-Oil and water base range

-Exposes, lacquers, and thinners.

How to Contact Gobis Paints?

You can contact Gobis Paints by using their customer care number that is 042-111-146-247 or can visit their official website.

8) Nippon Paints

Nippon Paints have its excellence in wall coatings and innovative solutions. This brand is not only available in Pakistan but also in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia. Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, South Korea, and several middle eastern countries. Nippon Paints were first initiated in Tokyo in 1881 and the brand has had potential customers since then.

Nippon Paints have established around 61 facilities over Asia and have satisfied customers for a few decades by delivering customer-focused and innovative products.

Moreover, Nippon Paints have succeeded in carving a niche market in surface coatings and paints.

Why Consider Nippon Paints?

It is worth remembering that manufacturers of Nippon paint rank among Singapore’s most prestigious companies. It has also widely contributed to fuse technology with innovation. Nippon Paints have received many awards of appreciation such as the ESCO project award, the Most trusted brand award to develop energy-efficient systems. Nippon has designed a service called palette for life that allows a user to create their personalized palette that defines their taste in designing the home interior.

How to Contact Nippon Paints?

You can contact Nippon Paints by using their customer care number or you can also contact them at their official website.

9) Sparco Paints

Sparco Paints being established in 2000 was able to hit various milestones in a short time. Now, this paint company is recognized as a quality paint brand in Pakistan. The existence of this paint company makes sense as it believes in implementing technology and innovation. Sparco Paints aim to use influential marketing, branding activities, and different strategies to grow as the brand boasts ultra-modern techniques of production.

The mission behind Sparco Paints is to improve the user’s contact with products and states. We are also committed to improving the living standard of our potential customers by providing quality services, products, and solutions that help them to build long-life relations.

Why Choose Sparco Paints?

A major part of the Sparco Paints website is dedicated to elaborate on the psychological and mental effects of color themes on your home. The fresh coat of Sparco paints not only adds richness, comfort but also protection to your adobe. It also highlights the motive of why you have renovated your home interior.

To bring more imagination to your life and add colors to your home, you can choose from a wide range of interior paint colors developed by Sparco Paints.

How to Contact Sparco Paints?

You can contact Sparco Paints at their official website or visit their customer care number 042-35403046.

10) Honey Gold Paints

Honey Gold Paints have been serving the interior designing market in Pakistan since 2002. It is considered as one of the best paint brands available in major cities of Punjab. It has become popular throughout the country in the last few years. One can say that whenever you ask locals about their preference in paint brands, then they will say honey gold paint collection lies at the top in their list.

Why Consider Honey Gold Paints?

Honey Gold Paints are generally the choice of people who are overwhelmed by the seemingly endless section of paint samples at their stores with under 20 major portions in their product range. Moreover, if you are looking for home renovation, then honey gold paints should be your ultimate choice.

How to Contact Honey Gold Paints?

You can easily contact Honey Gold Paints by using their customer care 042-37417775 or visit their official website.

In other words, you don’t need to be extra careful about weather temperature when you start the renovation or decoration work in your home. These are some of the best top 10 paint companies in Pakistan. This is a comprehensive guide which gives you a clear idea about all paint companies. Now it depends on you which one you choose..! If you are looking for sanitary compaines must click here

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