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Top 5 Best Android Call Recording Apps

In this modern world of the internet, technology is flourishing in all sectors of our lives. Now your every call can be recorded and saved for a long time. Many of you are still thinking why we need to record calls? Call recording is amazing and useful for those people specifically like us who forget things.

Why download call recording apps?

We prefer to download call recording apps because of one sole reason that many of us don’t remember the instructions given by our teachers and even our boss. Later on, we can use call recording apps to listen to the assigned instructions again.

Benefits of call recorder apps:

Many people also prefer to download call recorder apps for Android on kid’s mobile to save them from misusing the phone data. These voice recorder apps also help them to record both incoming and outgoings calls automatically. So with the ever-growing demand for android smartphones and their apps, developers have started developing different call recorder apps to facilitate their users.

How call recording apps help you?

There are plenty of call recording apps available on the Google Play Store, especially for android. Therefore, if you are a busy person then you don’t need to worry. Getting a lot of calls and being tired of forgetting the important conversation, you should shift to a call recording app if you want to save your precious time.

5 Top Call recorder Apps:

In this article, we are going to discuss a few of the top call recorder apps as they help you to store the evidence of a conversation shortly.

Some of the phones come up with automatic call recorder apps but you can also add manually by downloading it from the play store. So, it’s up to you which call recording app you are going to choose based on your personal choice. These are as follows:

1) TrueCaller

2) Automatic Call Recorder

3) Call Recorder-ACR

4) Call recorder-Automatic

5) Auto-call recorder

Let’s discuss them in detail one by one.

1) TrueCaller

Downloading the TrueCaller App will provide you more profound features and provide privacy to record calls and other exciting features.

Features offered by TrueCaller:

People use TrueCaller call recording android apps to stay ahead. Moreover, it helps them to stay in touch with each other and also to filter out unwanted calls, messages, and truly focus on what matters.

Call recording a unique feature:

The company of truecaller also provides some unique features such as a dial that offers users caller ID, spam detection, messaging, and much more. Recently Truecaller app has also launched an engrossing call recording feature, especially for the android users.

TrueCaller is free to use but not it’s call recording section and for that, you have to buy and switch to a premium plan.

How to use the TrueCaller app?

TrueCaller is considered as one of the top call recording apps for android phones. To keep using this app features, simply go to the settings section-True Caller call recording and then enable the record calls. In this way, the recorded calls will be automatically saved into your phone.

You can download TrueCaller from the Google Play store.

Now switch to another app that is an automatic call recorder.

2) Automatic Call Recorder

As the name tells, you will be thinking that an Automatic Call Recorder App automatically records calls on your android phone and you don’t need to provide any instructions or guidelines to the app.

So, your assumption is wrong and Automatic Call Recorder allows you to record phone calls on your choice.

Features offered by Automatic Call Recorder App:

One of the features that this app offers you is to either record calls or ignore. It is considered as one of the favorite call recording apps because of its user-friendly interface and free of cost.

The best thing about Automatic Call Recorder:

Automatic Call recorder allows you to record, synchronize it, and save your recorded calls onto Google drive or dropbox. So this is the best call recorder app for you if you are an android user. This app also facilitates its users with three main options:

  • Ignore everything
  • Record everything
  • Ignore contacts

Pros and Cons of Automatic call recorder app:

  • Setting options are added
  • Too many ads, especially when you start using this app

It has received about 3.8 Google Play Store ratings and also more than 100 million downloads.

Furthermore, by using this app you can also delete or share call recordings and add extra settings such as excluding a few numbers from the call recording section.

So, if you want to enjoy these amazing options, go to the play store and download the app.

3) Call Recorder-ACR

Call Recorder-ACR is also a call recorder app that can record all incoming and outgoing calls on your Android phone just like other apps.

This app is considered as one of the best call recording apps available in the market because of its excellent services.

Features offered by Call recorder App:

It offers various features such as password protection, auto-delete old recording, delayed recording, and cloud service integration.

This call recording app is available for free on Google Play Store. This app also offers you a paid version and some of its features that are not in the free section. Call Recorder-ACR also supports various formats such as 3GP, MP3, and much more.

Interesting facts:

The call recorder app initially requires you to confirm if that call recording is legal in your country or not. Moreover, this is a unique app as it doesn’t need any phone number and this is the main reason why it is featured as the best call recorder app on our list.

One of the biggest advantages is that this app is easy to use and one con is that it comes up with a lot of ads at the start.

What to do with call recordings?

You can use your recorded calls to listen, edit, share, edit numbers, or perform more tasks. Moreover, you can also transcribe the calls, add notes, or backup the recordings that will provide additional support on the Cloud storage services.

Call recorder-ACR has received about 3.7 ratings on Google Play Store and more than 3.7 million downloads.

Take advantage of this app and download it from Google Play Store.

4) Call Recorder-Automatic

As you know all call recording apps ask for permission to access storage, record calls, manage calls, and just to get in touch with contacts on your smartphones. But Call Recorder Automatic is somehow different from other apps as it ensures that call recording in your area or region is legal for security purposes.

The Interface of the Call Recorder App:

This app has a simple interface and has three main sections including incoming calls, All calls, and also outgoing calls. You will also see several more options such as an upgrade to premium or get your deleted audio call recordings from the cloud.

Just as a reminder, you can only record calls from the Call Recorder app when your speaker is switched on.

Pros and cons of Call Recorder App:

It comes up with backup to the cloud storage and needs a speaker for call recording.

Call recorder automatic has received about 4.0 rating from Google Play Store and more than about 10 million downloads.

An exciting feature of the Call Recorder App:

A good feature of the call recorder app is that you can easily organize the search order of calls to find the before and later. It also helps them to arrange them by time, date, and name. This app provides its users’ facility to save calls in mp3 format and record in SD card for their later use.

If you have highlighted this feature, then go to the play store and simply download it.

5) Auto-Call Recorder

The Auto-Call Recorder is an amazing call recording app. First, it asks for necessary permissions and then you can use it without any difficulty. Just like other call recording apps, Auto call recorder has a page that shows us all the recorded calls in a list and also the menu option on the left such as incoming calls, all calls, outgoing calls, and favorite call settings, and much more.

Features offered by Auto-Call Recorder:

The right side in the menu option of Auto call recorder can search call recording as you need and then there are ads being displayed at the bottom parts as the pop-up screen displays. The app is easy to use and also shows you some ads when you start using it first.

If you want to experience a no add screen display, then upgrade the app to call recorder pro by spending out some money.

Rating and downloads:

The rating of this call recording app on Google Play Store is about 4.1 million and has also received about five million downloads.

It comes up with advantages such as app lock options and its biggest cons are tons of ads.


As a reminder, the Google Play Store has a huge collection of call recorder apps. But we will only choose the one that is easy to use and give us a good experience based on reviews, ratings, and downloads.

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