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Top 5 Best Android Podcast Apps

In the recent age of the internet, the podcast is considered to be making a return as the main source of information. It is a great experience to listen to expert talks about the topic that you are interested in and you care about.

Why choose android podcast apps?

The best android podcast apps do more than just playing the back episodes of your favorite shows. They usually come with a lot of features from automatically downloading and sorting new episodes of your favorite personalities and also helps you a lot to manage your subscriptions.

Podcasts app-best listening experience:

 Some of the android podcast apps also contain a variety of audio tools and features to give you the best listening experience. While on the other hand, some podcasts can help you to discover new podcasts. A welcome feature of the podcast gives you exciting ways to suddenly explore yourself and look up for more things to listen to now that you are enjoying to spend more time at home.

Beyond management tools:

Some of the podcast apps even go beyond management tools. We recently have experienced that some of the podcasts recording apps even turn your smartphones into mobile recording apps and editing studios.

Podcasts great source of filling your time:

So whether you are doing laundry, doing work from home, or breaking a sweat at the gym, podcasts are a great source for filling up your time with the latest trending news, comedy shows, in-depth storytelling, and even much more.

Moreover, if you are a big fan of the medium and are in the market to find out a new podcast app for you, then we have brought the best podcasts apps for android. Hence, those who like to talk radio and don’t want to rush with downloading or selecting stuff, there are a variety of apps for you that can assist you.

Best android podcast apps:

In this article, we are going to enlist top android podcast apps then will have a look at all of them one by one. Five top android podcast apps are as follows:

1) Google Podcasts

2) Pocket Casts

3) Spotify

4) Dogcatcher

5) Podbean

1) Google Podcasts

After launching a podcast interface in the Google search app, Google’s is finally out with its proper and standard alone app to keep up to date all of your favorite audio-only shows.

Google Podcasts is a very simple app that helps you to make your way through it. It has gotten into the podcast game because you need to own a Google Home Speaker along with a smart android phone.

And it is heard that the redesigned app is available for iPhones also and all android phones.

How to start a podcast using google podcasts?

These days you can easily start a podcast on your android phone using commute and pick up where you left off by simply picking up the podcast on your smart speaker.

Features of Google podcasts:

Google podcasts come up with different kinds of features and include the ability to adjust the playback speed, Google assistant integration, and also adding podcasts to the app directly from the Google searches.

It also promises to introduce AI power capabilities shortly such as automated closed captioning. For now, you can explore the redesigned podcast app. You can discover more features by simply going into the app so that section is highly emphasized for you that recommends podcasts based on your interests.

Google is doing their podcast selection based on what we did to them in their messaging section.

Three different platforms for the podcast from google:

The 1-Google podcast is a simple app with the ability to skip silent arguments.

2-Google play music is an online music streaming service that also comes up with podcast support.

3-Finally it refers to a lot of people who upload daily, weekly shows or podcasts and other kinds of similar material related to Youtube.

So, now one can say that google podcast is one of the simplest options and it’s free to use highly recommended. No doubt it took a rough start but now it is working well.

2) Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts has been one of the most fascinating mobile podcasters. Thanks to its exciting features such as cross-device and cross-platform syncing, episode auto-downloading and clean up. Moreover, as a paid app there were a few barriers to entry into the podcast app. A few years back, Podcast Casts went completely free on mobile without dropping any features for the free users.

App features of Podcast Casts:

In addition to the cross-platform syncing, Podcast casts also come up with an exciting feature for podcast delivery based on categories or listening habits. App features also have organization tools for streaming and downloading episodes.

Additional Storage options:

Configurable control cover-ups, time skips, sleep timers, and much more. Pocket Casts Plus app adds tier features to the desktop and mobile apps providing 10 GB cloud storage as well as color themes and custom icons.

Most popular podcasts app:

Podcast cats are considered as one of the most popular android podcast apps and you can say that it’ a premium app that does not come up with any free trial version.

This top android podcast app has an audio podcast you could want. It is one of the best free podcast apps with additional subscription plans. Podcast casts is not that easy recommendation as it used to be and still, it’s regarded as the best podcast app.

3) Spotify

Spotify might not be the first app that comes to your mind when someone mentions the podcast apps. This best podcast app contains the streaming media juggernaut and also provides additional support for audio and video podcasts along with the nifty Spoken section in the app.

Features offered by Spotify:

Spotify comes up in the podcast android app market in 2019 by buying podcast producer Gimlet Media and podcast creation tool Anchor. The anchor is a deal inked with Joe Rogan to make Spotify the exclusive home of his popular podcast.

What does Spotify do?

Spotify organizes the podcasts in a variety of categories including storytellers, Sports and Recreation, and comedy. It allows users to subscribe to the individual podcasts and manage downloads and also can easily share podcasts through social media.

Playback and management options in Spotify:

Moreover, the playback and management options offered by Spotify are sparse as compared to other apps. Thus, if you are already using Spotify for streaming music and you don’t want to dig around for a dedicated podcatcher, then give it a shot for free podcasts.

When did Spotify start?

Spotify is regarded as one of the world’s best and most popular online music streaming services. It all started back in 2016 and there are not any podcast apps available that can be compared with the other apps already available in the market.

There is no doubt that this number of available podcasts are going to rock shortly. You can download and use Spotify podcast service for free as long as you don’t mind some audio adverts or you can fork out $9.99 per month.

Spotify also gives you free ad experience. If you already use Spotify, then a point will come when you feel that the second podcast app will be redundant.

4) Doggcatcher

Doggcatcher is regarded as one of the old podcast apps available in the android app market. While, yes it is true that the app does get frequent updates.

Features of Doggcatcher:

It is observed that Doggcatcher also provides support for Android Wear, Android Auto, and Chromecast. Additionally, it helps to boost up a massive library of podcasts, playlist support, variable speed playback, themes, various automation, and also provides additional customization features.

Need to pay for upfront:

This old podcast app has a Material Design. Remember that you have to pay $2.99 upfront for using this app without any hurdle. Hence, there are no ads and no additional in-app purchase options in Doggcatcher.

5) Podbean

Podbean is also a popular and amazing podcast app and yes, it also works pretty well. Being a unique podcast app, it boasts a metric ton of podcasts organized into various categories.

Features offered by Podbean:

You can use podbean to subscribe, stream, download, and listen as you choose. Therefore, it comes up with lock screen controls, various audio effects, Chromecast support, Android Auto support, and integration with Amazon Alexa.

This means that you can use Podbean virtually anywhere. A few Google Play reviewers had given few bones support to pick but we did not notice anything terrible during any testing phase of Podbean.

The interface of podbean:

The streamlined interface of Podbean offers an easy way to access your favorite podcasts for streaming or listening to podcasts offline. You can also get search categories and get suggestions based on the search history of podbean. One can also take advantage of options like play speed adjustment, timer, and sleep function.

The app auto-downloads the most recent episodes and also helps to auto-delete the podcast episodes that you have already listened to.


Paying for podcasts apps is something that most of the people will not do. But if you want to get the best podcast experience then you can use any of the listed above top podcasts apps.

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