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Buying Guide – What kind of laptop should I buy?

Three types of operating systems are leading the market now a day. The first one is Windows, after Windows the second is the same as you are thinking about it’s Mac OS. These both have a wide range of laptops for different needs, so you can find the model that’s the best for you. The third one is Chrome OS which is also worth considering these days.

There’s we are going to discuss more important than an operating system, so keep reading and grab the best one for you as your needs.

Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS:)

When you are going to purchase a laptop from the market or online store the first question which comes to your mind is about the operating system. Most laptops of the day are powered by Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac Os. But Google’s Chrome OS is also considering worthy which is coming on much more affordable laptops.

There are a lot of things about hardware and features offered by all of these platforms which are discussed above so keep reading the article to know more about the facts and differences between them which are important to consider.


Laptops are the common product of these days. You can see them from homes to offices, schools to the business community. There are a lot of manufacturers in the market, all have different types of qualities and prices. These prices greatly vary on model, brand, features of the hardware. Most of the laptops surpass Macs in terms of performance and most of the companies design their laptops for a specific purpose, such as gaming or business.

Most laptops of today are powered by Windows as an operating system, because it is far more open-ended than the Mac OS, and updated more frequently. Most of the software available for Windows. In particular, Game developers and many business communities use windows as standard. Most of the business-related software are just operates via Windows.

There is a big range of laptops that are powered by Windows. They differ in shapes and sizes, easy to find a laptop with a clamshell design, and keyboard-mouse interface. Touchscreen Windows laptops are easy to get in mid-range. There is a variety of designs that include fold-back screens or even detachable tablet-keyboard combos, such as Microsoft’s Surface Book range. Commonly, Most Windows laptops come with touchscreens which makes them amazing.

There are a lot of major manufactures Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Asus that are dealing with Microsoft’s Windows. That shows you the worth of windows and you have a ton of options with Windows laptops.

Mac OS:)

All MacBooks come with the protection of its brand. The latest desktop operating system of Apple is Mac OS Catalina. Overall, the operating system offers similar user experience as Windows 10, but it is a bit different in the interface that substitutes an apps dock at the bottom of the screen for Microsoft’s Start menu and taskbar. All Apple products will follow its standards, whereas any manufacturer can make a laptop with unique specs. Mac users get Siri. instead of the Cortana digital assistant. Users can also able to perform transactions with Apple Pay, take calls or texts from their phones, and unlock their laptops with an Apple Watch. 

Quality design is one of the success key factors of a Mac. They are built to look and feel elegant. Macs come with a pre-installed suite of proprietary software, and each application is well-suited for tasks such as editing video or music. However, Mac OS isn’t made for touch, because the MacBook doesn’t come with a touch screen. The latest Mac OS Catalina operating system brings iPad apps over to Mac, as well as secondary display support for iPads and new accessibility features.

Macs always come with fast hardware, so those people who want to buy a solid computer but don’t know a lot about hardware can perform their everyday tasks easily on Mac. But Apple is too strict about their design standards. That makes it become easy to pick and use their products for anyone, regardless of a person’s skill level or familiarity with computers. On the other hand, Mac has less freedom to customize the device due to its rigid design. Furthermore, Apple MacBook range is too short and only a few models at any given time and they have irregular hardware refreshes that mean they are less up to date.

For 2020, Apple updated its Macbooks design with the new keyboard. The keyboard call butterfly keyboard for which many fans had been longing for. The latest Apple product includes a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 16-inch MacBook Pro, in addition to a new MacBook Air model.

Chrome OS:)

Google’s OS is a very simple and secure platform, but more limited than both we discussed above. The user interface looks similar to Windows but their is a lot of differences between both of these. But the main app you can able use is the Chrome browser with support for thousands of Chrome extensions. That’s great those who only want a laptop to read emails, watch Netflix, and occasionally play the odd mobile game. It’s not so great for those who are looking for a full functional desktop platform.

Chromebooks are highly portable and have good battery performance at low cost. They are hard for kids to infect with malware and more powerful than most tablets. They are very popular with schools and parents. If you are looking for one to buy, then get at least 4GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. 1920 x 1080 resolution preferred but there is also an option of 4K which is better but very uncommon. Pay the extra money to get a 2-in-1 if you plan to use Android apps.

Types of Laptops:)

There are several laptop categories that exist in the market with different brand names, and these all different devices perform their best as per their specs. When you are going to buy a laptop, you must decide why you are buying the laptop and what’s your primary interest to buy the laptop. Here, we are going to discuss some broad categories and a couple of our favorites for each.


If you are looking for an entry-level laptop then there are many manufacturers who produce great laptops that cost $500 or less by making some cuts. Buyers who are looking for a laptop to perform the most basic purposes (word processing, internet browsing, etc) and want to save money may find that a budget laptop is all they need. Budget laptops are generally light on hardware such as graphics or RAM; they aren’t able to run AAA games or bounce easily between a hundred browser tabs, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable.

Chromebooks are the best product of this category, this category has some features that are similar to Windows and MacOS laptops. There are also best budget laptops in the market which are coming with sensible keyboards and touchpads. In general, entry-level laptops are great for those people who may not know very well about computers and simply want a device that can able to perform their daily tasks perfectly.

There are some great entry-level laptops worth considering include the fantastic Acer Chromebook 15 Spin or the Lenovo IdeaPad 330S. If portability is your priority, you also love the Microsoft Surface Go 2-in-1, for its great design and exceedingly affordable price.


In this category, you have laptops for colleges or small businesses. The range of this category deals from $500 to $1000. You get much better internal level hardware than the entry-level offerings, but you aren’t able to get the fancy materials that are coming with the most expensive laptops. You are missing the odd features and aren’t able to enjoy the taste of the graphics chip. Laptops that are coming in this price tag, are really excellent in performance.

In this category, you have a lot of options to choose on the basis of your required specs like great displays, laptops with powerful processors, beautiful looking laptops, and ones that are light and portable with great battery life. You may not able to find a laptop for which you are looking, if yes then make a look at the best laptops under $1,000 list which have some of our favorites.

If you are looking for a great gaming laptop, then there some options that are the best laptops under $1,000 which includes Dell Gaming G3 and the ZenBook 13 UX333.


If you have some extra savings in your pocket, there are few better options found in this bracket. For a little extra money, you gain longer battery performance, powerful internal hardware which boosts the laptop working, larger and higher-resolution displays, and overall better build quality and design. This bracket includes some of the top-rated laptops you can buy today, so if you’re looking for something extra and powerful than you need to pay a bit extra, this is the best class of laptop you should consider most.

In this category range, there are still plenty of choices. This category comes with a 13-inch display and comes with plenty of general computing power and connectivity options. If you are a gamer and looking for a gaming laptop, you must jump up to a 15-inch laptop with a six-core processor and a dedicated graphics card.

This category contains our most favorite laptop of the last years, the Dell XPS 13. If you want something a little faster and more capable of content creation, Dell XPS 15 is also worthy. For gamers there are some best options suggested by us, the Razer Blade is the best laptop for gaming (new version of 2020 also out), while the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme extraordinary performance. If you are an Apple lover, MacBook Air, and  MacBook Pro are also the best options for an amazing experience.

The main things you need to know about hardware:)

Hardware is the most important component of the laptop, Laptop depends on hardware what it is capable of doing. Better hardware always comes with a high price tag, so it’s important to find suitable hardware for your laptop according to your purpose of use. If your usage-based for general purposes such as browsing the Internet or writing documents, you don’t need a high-end processor or video card.


CPU is called the brain of your computer, the performance of the computer is almost based on processor working, but depends on what you want to want to get from it, even the least-expensive model may be good enough.

There are different types of processors in the market. It all depends on your budget for which you are going, nowadays Intel introduced two types of 10th Gen processors that will boost the next generation of laptops. You can read more about these processors here (Ice Lake) and here (Comet Lake). There are also other Gen processors, Not sure which one is right for your usage?


If you’re not a gamer, creating Animated working like 3D objects, or doing high-res video editing, an integrated graphics chip will be fine, Intel’s latest Iris Plus graphics is recommended. If you want to play games or else, you need a discrete graphics processor from AMD or Nvidia. 

CPUs are coming with both high- and low-end graphics chips. The low-end graphics chip is gaming or workstation systems usually coming with Nvidia MX250 or GTX 1650 GPUs while mid-range models are coming with RTX 2050 or RTX 2060 and high-end models have RTX 2070 or 2080 GPUs.


Memory capacity is based on your needs. If you are a high end user and produce high storage products then you need high memory storage. Its really depends on your requirement.


The absence of ports is usually not a big deal when you are choosing a laptop, it’s helpful to get the connections you need right on the system, rather than having to carry a lot of dongles. Most of the laptops will have USB 3.0 ports and HDMI for video output. However, today a big number of laptops use USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports that are USB Type-C compatible.

Touchscreen support:)

Now a days, a lot of laptops are coming with touch screen.

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